Saturday 4th April 2009
This conference is being held by the Institute for Optimum Nutrition's to celebrate 25 years of service to health professionals and the general public,
Key themes of the conference:
. Which nutrients were rich in the hunter gatherer diet and which are deficient in the twenty first century Western diet, and look at how this may be remedied.
. It will debate how the needs of the nation to obtain maximum health through optimum nutrition can be achieved.  Patterns of serious ill health in the West are expanding exponentially and sound nutrition could be a key to prevention.
. Each speaker has a part of the tale to tell in looking at what is happening in farming, manufacture, food distribution and food quality. All of these things are crucial to the way forward. With the development of Biotech and Pharma foods and nanotechnology, we have no way of knowing what effects these will have on nutritional quality in the future.

The speakers, all experts in their field  include:
. Professor Gordon Hillman
. Bee Wilson
. Ivan Crowe
. Patrick Holford
. Craig Sams

ION are offering 10% discount to Food for the Brain e-news subscriber - all you have to do is say that you found out about the conference from this source when you call to book.  For more information and to book a place for this conference go to  or call ION on 020 8614 7809 or email them


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