Autism is a complex biological disorder. Symptoms include difficulties with speech; abnormalities of posture or gesture; problems with understanding the feelings of others; sensory and visual misperceptions, fears and anxieties; and behavioural abnormalities such as compulsive/obsessive behaviour and ritualistic movements. The National Autistic Society estimates that 535,000 people have autism in the UK with four times more boys than girls affected.

What causes Autism?
No single cause has been established, although genetic and environmental factors are implicated. There is growing evidence that nutritional therapy can really make a big difference to children with autism. Many have severely disrupted digestion, so a major focus must be restoring balance here. Also, you’ll need to balance their blood sugar, check for brain-polluting heavy metals, exclude food additives, identify food allergies and possible nutrient deficiencies, and ensure an optimal intake of essential fats.

To find out more about these factors read on, or click on our Action Plan to Overcome Autism

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