This is good to read to remind ourselves on how to focus on what we want

How to have anything you want
What do you want from life? Do you want to be rich? Do you want to travel
the world? To be successful in your career? Have a wonderful relationship?
A loving family life? Do you want to be a great leader, or teacher, or
athlete, or scientist or musician? What do you want? Do you even know?
With clearly focused, disciplined effort, you can achieve whatever you
want. You can decide today precisely what you want to achieve, and begin
immediately to bring it about, no matter what it may be.

You already know how to do it
You're already skilled at getting what you want. Ever since you were a
baby, you've been learning how to do it, and perfecting your skill.
Now, it is so much a part of you that you don't even realize it's there.
And because of that, the process sometimes leads in undesirable
directions. You've become very good at getting what you want, or rather at
getting what you think you want. Yet you have probably lost focus on
exactly what that is. That's a problem, and it causes you to work against
yourself. Your obedient mind is using all the resources available to you
to achieve what you think you want, but that's probably not even what you
really want.
You can turn this situation around by consciously deciding exactly how to
direct your mind. That will focus the enormous creative effective energy
in you toward whatever purpose you desire.
The key to living with fulfillment is to intentionally control the process
of getting what you want. Once you make yourself aware of it, you'll
realize that you've been doing it all your life. When you add some focus
and direction, then your life becomes magical.

Know exactly what it is
The first step to getting what you want, is to know exactly what you
really do want. The more precisely you can define what you want, the
closer you are to getting it.
You want to be wealthy? What does that mean? Exactly how much money do you
want to have in the bank? Exactly what do you want your income to be?
You want a new car? What make and model? What color? What kind of
interior? What options? Where will you park it? What company will you
purchase the insurance from? What car wash will you take it to? Where will
you drive it? Be specific. Picture the new car vividly in your mind. Know
exactly what you want.
Your mind is the most powerful and effective goal-seeking tool in the
world. It will find a way to achieve what you tell it to achieve, but only
if you are specific. The more specific, the better. So it is absolutely
essential that you tell it exactly what you want. Vague generalities like
"being happy" or "being rich" will confuse your powerful, goal-seeking
mind and prevent it from focusing on your desired outcome. Be absolutely
specific about what you want.
And besides, if you don't clearly define exactly what you want, how will
you even know when you get it?

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