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World population is now around 6.5 billion....if we reduce this figure to 100 people, what will happen?
Out of this 100 people, 57 would be Asians, 21 Europeans, 14 Americans and 8 Africans. Out of this 100, 52 will be females and 48 males.... 70 would be colored-skin and 30 would be white-skin.. .. 6 will be American citizens holding 59% of the world wealth..... 80 will be BELOW poverty line.... 70 will be illiterate.. .. 50 will be facing starvation.. ... Everyday, one will die and two will be born.... out of this 100 people, only ONE would have computer and only one will have higher education... ... but.......
If you have get up this morning, fine and healthy, BE SURE that you are luckier than 1000'000 people who will end up in grave-yards by the end of this week! If you have never suffered from wars and the deadly loneliness of the individual cell prison, if your body has not suffered from any torture and have never tasted the bitter hunger, KNOW WELL that you are luckier than 500'000'000 people on this earth....... if you have entered any church or temple, WITHOUT fear of torture and imprisonment, you are luckier than 3'000'000 people of this earth..... if you have a refrigerator at home, if you have shoes and clothing and a bed and a shelter over your head, you are wealthier and luckier than 75% of the population of the world..... if you have a bank account and have some money in your wallet and a few coins in your piggy-bank, you are among the lucky 8% of the people on this earth...... SO...... 
 as you have no need for money.... LOVE, as no one, never will hurt you..... Dance, as no one is watching you.... SING, as no one is hearing you; and LIVE, as this earth is the promised heaven.
 If you liked this writing, publish it and send it for your friends, and if you do not do so, nothing will happen. But if you did, you will put an smile on someone's lips.
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