This is good to read to remind ourselves on how to focus on what we want-۳

Develop a detailed plan
Whatever you want to achieve, there is a path that leads from where you
are now, to where you want to be. The trouble is, there are an infinite
number of paths leading away from where you are right now, so how do you
know which one to take?
To answer this question, you must jump ahead in your mind, all the way to
the achievement of your goal. From that perspective, work backwards to
where you are now. What is the very LAST step that you would need to take
before achieving your goal? And what is the step that would lead to that
last step? And what step would lead to that next-to-last step?
For example, let's imagine that your goal is to take a vacation in Tahiti .
Now, imagine yourself arriving in Tahiti , ready for two weeks of
relaxation on the sunny beaches. What was the step you took, just before
arriving in Tahiti ? You boarded the plane. And before that? You took a
taxi to the airport. Before that, you packed your luggage. Before that,
you washed all your clothes. Before that, you purchased your ticket.
Before that, you worked to make the money needed to purchase the ticket.
And so on.
There are certain, specific steps that you must take in order to have what
you want. How do you know when you've identified them all? When you can
work backwards and determine exactly what the first step is, the step you
can take right now. Once you work your way backwards, all the way from
your ultimate goal to the thing you can do right now, you have a specific,
detailed plan. You have a roadmap that will take you to precisely the
place where you want to be. One step builds on another, and the next one
builds on that, until you get where you're going.
Anything you want to accomplish, can be broken down into a series of
steps. Some people may be able to take bigger steps or take them faster,
because of the resources already available to them. Other people will have
more steps to take. What's important is that you identify the specific
steps that YOU need to take, starting from where YOU are right at this
moment, that will bring about the achievement of your goals.

Expect to get it
You will get whatever you expect to get. To want something without really
expecting to get it, is just useless wishing. When you truly expect to
accomplish something, you'll do whatever is necessary to accomplish it.
And that's the importance of positive expectations. Your expectations will
color and influence your actions on a minute-by-minute basis. Expectations
will focus your enormous energy toward the achievement of whatever you
Right now, you are a product of your expectations. Look around you, at the
place where you live, the work you do, the people in your life. These are
the things you have expected of yourself up to this point in your life. To
change your life, you must first change your expectations.
And the key to doing that is to know, to really know in your heart of
hearts, that the world offers limitless possibilities to you. Accept and
acknowledge that life can be whatever you want it to be. Understand the
awesome responsibility of that. Realize that your expectations can be
anything you want them to be, and that desire without expectation only
leads to disappointment. Expect the very best of yourself. No one is
better than you. No one deserves more from life than you. You can be
whatever you want to be, if only you will expect it of yourself.

Know, value and appreciate what you already have
How can you achieve anything if you don't know what you have to work with?
In order to get what you want, you must make the best use of what you
have. That starts with valuing and appreciating the good things already in
your life, something we often refer to as gratitude.
The things you appreciate, value and care for will increase in your life.
They will serve to take you wherever you want to go.
When was the last time you stopped to count your blessings? Have you
considered lately all the skills that you possess, all the valuable and
interesting experiences that you've had, all your knowledge, the people
you know, your opinions, your interests and all the other positive things
in your life? These are the resources that will take you to where you want
to go. Be thankful for them, value them, appreciate them. Your gratitude
creates a consciousness of abundance that will bring you anything you

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