This is good to read to remind ourselves on how to focus on what we want.-۴

Take action right away
Once you've identified the steps that will bring about whatever you want,
and have become aware of the powerful resources in your life, you are well
on your way. All that remains to be done, is the follow the plan.
As soon as you make the decision that you want to pursue something, it is
vitally important to start right away. Telling yourself that you want to
get 5 new major clients, and then deciding that you'll start working on it
"first thing Monday morning" just will not bring about your desired goal.
By putting off any action, you're telling yourself that it is really not
that important. When you start immediately, no matter how seemingly
insignificant that start might be, you take the big step of solidly
committing your mind to the project.
Then just keep going, moment after moment, day after day, until you reach
the goal. Put one foot in front of the other. Take one step after another.
Follow your plan with commitment and enthusiasm. You already know you can
do it. You already know what to do. You already fully expect to make it to
your goal. So, enjoy the ride! Delight in the journey of working your way
to whatever it is you desire. You are purposeful, you are focused, you are
effective, and you are fulfilling the destiny which you have determined
for yourself. What could possibly be more exciting?

Stay on track
Although you have worked out a specific, detailed plan for getting what
you want, you will need to make adjustments along the way. Nothing ever
goes exactly as planned. A ship's navigator can carefully plan his route
across the ocean, taking into account the prevailing winds and currents.
Yet, along the way conditions are sure to change. So the navigator must
constantly monitor the ship's progress, and make course corrections along
the way. The initial plan is vital, and the clear definition of the
destination is essential. Just as important is the ability to make
mid-course corrections.
The plan you develop to reach your goal is not a paved superhighway. It is
a map. It is up to you to make your way over the terrain, so that you
reach the destination. Sometimes that terrain is rocky. Sometimes you'll
find yourself off course. So you must be committed enough to reaching your
goal, that you take whatever steps necessary to get back on course.
Always keep the end in site. Evaluate your progress and, more importantly,
your decisions about what to do next, based on reaching the goal. Continue
to remind yourself what you're working to accomplish and WHY you want it.

Continue making progress in the direction of your goal, and you will reach

Be urgently patient
That is, have a sense of urgency about taking action, and a sense of
patience about getting results. The fact is, that actions taken today will
bring results in the future. An action and its result do not happen
simultaneously. Yet without the action, the result never occurs. So, it is
necessary to act now, and to expect your results sometime in the future.
But here's the clincher. Time gives you a powerful way to leverage your
action. Let's face it. You are not super-human. You can only do so much.
However, the good news is that you can keep doing it. So even though you
can only do so much at any one point in time, you can have almost
limitless effectiveness if your actions continue over a period of time.
Your effectiveness increases as your actions build on top of each other.
Many people get frustrated because they try to do it all, all at once.
Think of all the "get rich quick" schemes you see floating around. Now ask
yourself -- have you ever known anyone who actually got rich from
following them? It is highly unlikely.
Anything of true value simply takes time and effort. If it didn't take
effort over time, it would have little value. If people could actually
"get rich quick", of what value would it be to be rich? You wouldn't be
able to buy anything with all that money, because no one would need to
There's no need to do it all at once, and it is a waste of effort to even
try. Work toward your goal with a sense of urgency, and realize that time
is on your side when you make use of every moment. Those moments will soon
build on each other to bring about whatever you desire.

Ralph Marston

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